Onto The Next Great Adventure

So, probably not the next GREAT adventure but an adventure nonetheless. My plane leaves from the Greater Buffalo Niagara Airport in less than 5 hours and I still haven't packed anything except the movie 21 Jump Street. I find myself never stressing though because so many of my friends are off doing great things and I finally get my opportunity to do so as well.  

I'll be flying into Charleston South Carolina, and driving up to Columbia to visit my good friend Sam. This trip isn't for networking, or photography, or a job, or anything like that. It's simply an adventure. We'll be hiking, driving, lazy river-ing, kayaking, and photos will be had, but most importantly, I'll be able to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a while. 

So heres to adventures. Ones that not only teach us more about ourselves but the ones that unite us. Stay tuned.




Live Music at the BSG

A few important things happened in the past few days.  

1.) I didn't die while driving an antique 1950's Dodge Pickup Truck a.k.a "The Metal Death Machine." 

2.) I got some valuable time in with the Grandparents. 

and 3.) The Buffalo Street Grill hosted two bands for an evening of drinks, free food and live music. 

Not typically open on Monday nights, The Buffalo Street Grill made a tiny set in the far corner for two bands with big sound. First was a band that, over the conversations of others, I believe to be called Moose Hut and the second one a two man show named after the frontman Justin Shuttleworth (this was his album debut click the link to check his work out). 

As waves of people crammed into the local bar and grill the music began to play and although I was essentially a sardine the entire night it was nice seeing some old friends and catching up.

So, cheers to The BSG, one of the best bar and grill restaurants in town.   



Lunch at The Comfort Zone Café

Today I was fortunate enough to meet up with Cindy Barrett owner/founder of The Comfort Zone Café. After she studied food services and gained experience working at a number of culinary establishments Cindy wanted to start her own business. So she did. Now 15 years later the Comfort Zone offers a sanctuary from the heat on hot days like today and a cozy place to hang out with friends. Initially started as a coffee house, "The Zone" offers a wide range of different breakfast and lunch foods.

After meeting the staff I was able to do a mini food product shoot and a BTS in which I was also able to eat the finished product. Awesome day, awesome staff, awesome place.

Here are some behind the scene photos of what it takes to make the best Veggie Delight Sandwich in Hamburg.

Fresh Veg

Fresh Veg



I forget the name but this drink was amazing.

I forget the name but this drink was amazing.



Silo City Rock Construction Preview

Today I was able to meet Jay Schwinger Founder/Owner of Buffalo Harbor Kayak and, as many of you may have heard, one of the masterminds behind Silo City Rocks, a World Class, World Record Breaking Climbing gym and Rappelling site. He was gracious enough to let me take some photos of their construction progress thus far and I have to admit that my hands started to sweat as he was talking about the entire final layout.

Mini-Climbing shop, multiple 100ft+ indoor routes, multiple bouldering caves both with jutting features and inclines, a seasonal ice climbing route, multiple 100ft+ outdoor routes, a kids climbing area, a chillout lobby, an outdoor deck for you and your pals and of course a World Record attempt 190ft outdoor route looking over the river. 

Mr. Schwinger is certainly a dreamer, but the only difference between what he's doing and what most of us fall victim to is that he's simply doing. I use "simply" very lightly but regardless of the magnitude of his, mine, your personal project it'll never become a reality unless you start somewhere.

Below are some "Before" photos. Stay tuned for a follow up and more updates as the construction progresses! Get pumped for the most intense indoor/outdoor "gym" in Western NY

The Outer Wall a.k.a World Record.


Indoor Pool. Do not swim

Down the row inside the Silos

Boulder Cave #1


A Work In Progress

"When you were a kid it was easy. You were not afraid to try... to dare" (Link) >>

I've come to realize that there are two main types of people. Those who are in constant pursuit of inspiration, and those who inspire. Granted, there is always some sort of balance between the two but in general there are only two kinds. As much as I would like to be the latter, in this instance, I am the former and I'm completely ok with it. I believe that one must be open to inspiration in order to live a life that inspires.

I know that there are amazingly talented people around us. Some are known well by their peers and others, whether it be modesty or some other phenomenon, are relatively unknown. Regardless, I've come to realize that these people are inspiring because they haven't given up on two of the most important aspects of living a happy life. Lifelong Trying and Daring. Most of them don't realize that they've managed to maintain the child-like mindset of untamed ambition, the ability to suppress embarrassment when learning something new and the skill of channeling that into motivation. 

Below are a few athletes that I see to be very inspiring. They are passionate about their sport and find genuine joy doing what they love. This project will eventually also include an action shot and a mini-bio and hopefully someone reading or looking will let themselves be inspired.

Kyle  Sport: Tennis


Sport: Tennis

Kenny  Sport: Wakeboarding


Sport: Wakeboarding

Jake   Sport: Track  Discipline: Hurdles


Sport: Track

Discipline: Hurdles

Erik  Sport: Rock Climbing


Sport: Rock Climbing

Caryn  Sport: Cross Country


Sport: Cross Country

Jay  Sport: Track  Discipline: Sprints


Sport: Track

Discipline: Sprints

Tom  Sport: Track  Discipline: Mile


Sport: Track

Discipline: Mile

Rachel  Sport: Barrel Racing


Sport: Barrel Racing

Evan  Sport: Surfing


Sport: Surfing

Adam  Sport: Surfing


Sport: Surfing

Chris  Sport: Rugby


Sport: Rugby

"We All Have Dreams..."

"...but they don't mean much if we don't act on them" - Brendan Leonard

I remember when I was a kid owning an amazing red, one-gear, foam-protected-handlebar, off-brand kids bike. But that didn't matter to me because all I wanted to do was ride it around my house all day long in hopes that I'd get good enough to race it against other kids. For the first hour of riding in circles my parents thought it was cute, for the next 3-4 straight hours they thought I had developed a problem.

It's so easy to let yourself become inspired when you're young. All it took for me was a shiny rock and I wanted to be a geologist, a really good sandwich and I wanted to be a gourmet sandwich chef, or a bike. The possibilities are literally endless, and sometimes imaginary. But as we get older we lose connection with our inner kid whose list of dreams never became real.

I never was able to enter a real bike race because I wasn't able to. I didn't have the resources, I needed to ask permission to use the computer, and I hadn't memorized my home address. But now that I'm (we're) older there really isn't much of an excuse and if you have one now, you'll have one tomorrow (ad infinitum).

However, today is not one of those talk-about-doing-stuff-but-never-do days. Today I got to witness a friend of mine jump out of a plane, and for a few minutes enjoy the often elusive feeling of actually accomplishing something. So here's to you Rachel. Congrats on crossing Skydiving off your bucket list.

Never Stop Doing.


New site, Fresh start

Hey everyone! In my attempt to publicize all of my shenanigans and adventures I've decided to launch a blog along with my website! But what I really aim to accomplish with this is to share with all of you what truly motivates me and inspires my ideas, dreams, and aspirations. So here's to new/first beginnings. Cheers