The Outbound

There haven't been many times recently that I've been able to sit in total silence. Peace that goes beyond not having your phone, or being off the grid. I've experienced times where I thought I was in total silence but a breeze would be rushing by or somewhere off in the distance a coyote would be howling. Very unlike today. 

I woke up early to catch some soft morning light, not even for photography but just because my favorite light hits right before the sunrise. I drove up to A1 mountain, swinging around dirt covered turns and over rocks and roots. I could waste more than a tank of gas driving around in the forest. After I got a few miles in I found this hill. A bigger than average hill but definitely no mountain peak. I got out and hiked to the top and there I sat in dead, complete, surrounding silence. My breath was the loudest source of noise and the atmosphere was dense with fog. Its these times where I wish everyone I have met could be there with me to experience it. As long as they weren't talking or opening a loud bag of chips.

It's the best gift Flagstaff has given me so far and its making my future here solidify with every opportunity I take to go and find quietness. I'm making plans to go out again today. If there is a counseling group for the outbound then I need to find it because I'm definitely addicted.