Forks Fest in Paradise

Yesterday was a very interesting day. A buddy and I photographed Forks Fest which is a big 2-day climbing event held at/in Paradise Forks just west of Flagstaff. The only way to start a climb is to rappel into the canyon and climb out. It rained on an off, but despite the weather people still jammed and torqued their way up these huge basalt columns. They also dressed in drag. Yes, the lady-men were out climbing in wigs, and lycra for the big after-party costume contest. Does wearing a lady garment from the early 90s do anything for the mind games of climbing trad in the rain? It's safe to assume yes. Especially when its made out of super breathable moisture soaking cotton. I didn't stay for the contest but, if I were the judge, I would give everyone a gold star. Being surrounded by so many people who knew each other and shared a common interest in climbing was a refreshing switch from all the solo adventures I've been going on. The 3rd annual Forks Fest was definitely a big reminder about how lucky I am to be living in Flagstaff.