Things As They Are

There have been a lot of big things happening in Flagstaff, AZ. Primarily at Aspen Sports, a local gear shop I've had the opportunity to work at. Among the regular responsibilities, I've taken on the task of revamping their social media and website. In the past few days I've learned a lot about ad design and it's been an incredible excuse to get out and shoot. I photographed my friend Kevin running a trail in the Inner Basin Trail, Diego as he bombed switchback, hairpins en route to Sedona, and was able to recycle some old photos of Emily rock climbing. 

All this to say Flagstaff is freakin' awesome. The people here, the restaurants, the bars, and the various landscapes are all amazing. There is an opportunity to do something incredible every day and I don't know what I did to deserve finding my way here but if anyone needs a place to stay and a delicious meal of salmon marinated in soy sauce with sweet and spicy seasoning and garlic and parsley laid gently on a bed of rice, come find me. I'll probably just ask you to be in the next Aspen Sports ad.

Below are the ones I've created so far, I'd love any feedback you have. Be sure to check out the facebook page and give it a like! #shamelessadvertising

_MG_4094 copy.jpg
_MG_3557 copy.jpg