Climb, Bail, Eat.

Climbing at Crawdad Canyon was pretty rad. Climbing in general is pretty rad, but I've come to realize that the enjoyment comes from having a fun group of people to climb with. So Ben, Collin and my new pal Mike went to the CC to do some morning finger shredding. Mike is a pretty tight landscape photographer. Check out his work here: Michael Dalberti Photography

Quickly realizing that we're all out of climbing shape we managed a 10b and headed to the shade to attempt something harder. After bailing we headed over to the Original Veyo Pies for some comfort food. 

Still super stoked there are rocks everywhere. Tomorrow morning I'll be heading out to Arizona to meet up with some friends in Flagstaff, one of the final stops until I start looking for an apartment. Grownup stuff.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish