Mile 2,202

This post is dedicated to rocks and to those who have been positively affected by rocks.

After a long and arduous trip across the midwest seeing nothing but flat land and the occasional lump in the ground it was finally nice to see some hot rock action. After spending the first night in Indiana and the second in Kansas, I made it to Colorado, Denver specifically. Viva Colfax Ave. I was given a tour, food, and an air mattress from the writer at, Brendan Leonard, and Hilary Oliver of They're pretty rad.

The next morning I was able to climb with some new friends at Clear Creek Canyon before getting rained out and then hit the road on my way to St. George Utah, where I currently am sitting at a table at 25 and main sipping coffee and eating a "rio bowl". Unfortunately I didn't grab any breakfast food selfies because I was too busy eating my food. 

I plan on climbing tomorrow with some friends before it gets too hot so hopefully I'll remember to grab some photos. I've been shooting with a fujifilm instax mini 90 neo classic so I'll have to scan them later. But I did manage to take some driver-seat-tourist-photos.