10 years from now...

I always wanted to be a scientist, geologist, astronaut, chef, professional athlete, teacher, policeman, sniper, musician, saver-of-sharks when I was a kid. But somewhere along the line of elementary school and growing up a lot of those things took the back seat. The vast world of opportunity I saw as a kid became more narrow as my realization that money dictates action grew stronger and more real. Dreams were replaced with career paths, hobbies became secondary to jobs, and life grew a little bit more grim.

It was in my senior year of college that my professor asked our class to make a 5 year and 10 year business strategy for our post-grad, ramen-consuming lives. Mine was complete with where I wanted to live, what job I wanted to have, and all the numerous steps it would take to get there. A perfect outline to attain the perfect life. After graduation, sitting on the verge of debt repayment, and an unsuccessful job hunt I realized that the only thing I really want to be in 5-10 years is happy. Thus spurred my decision to pack everything I own into my Subaru, take out a few favors, and leave the only place I've called home.   

After reaching Flagstaff and meeting new people I've finally rediscovered that which I desire most: The essence of what it means to live and allow happiness to dictate action. I've found that there is no word that can sum up the feeling of hammocking in the mountains, staring into a camp fire, getting a nice chaco tan, or the murmur of conversation as the dawn breaks. Elation comes close but it doesn't fully grasp it in it's entirety.

So, if 5-10 years from now I'm still sleeping on floors, in cars, or on air mattresses and working a different job every year I'll consider my life a success as long as I can find happiness in my situation and share it with others.

Below are some photos of a camping trip I recently went on. I knew 1 person beforehand and had only met that one person the day before. Seeking success, and comfort is good but having such a welcoming community is better. Always.