Old Trip Stoke

About a month ago some friends and I went on a cold winter climbing trip to The Red River Gorge in Kentucky. The great part was that no one was there. The not so great part was everything else. It was cold all the time, some routes were totally iced over and, if we were lucky, giant ice chunks would break off and come hurling down at us.

Then why go on this trip?

Because we are bored college students with nothing better to do.

But trips like these, opportunities to get away from the normal life, don't always have to be a great journey with a spiritual, life altering lesson at the end. In fact, we ended up on about 4 routes the entire trip. But we had fun, did some dangerous things that we probably shouldn't have, and got to spend time outside doing what we love to do and enjoyed every stitched up finger, frozen morning, and long drive knowing that trips like these get fewer and farther in between the older we get.

Keep the Stoke


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