Onto The Next Great Adventure

So, probably not the next GREAT adventure but an adventure nonetheless. My plane leaves from the Greater Buffalo Niagara Airport in less than 5 hours and I still haven't packed anything except the movie 21 Jump Street. I find myself never stressing though because so many of my friends are off doing great things and I finally get my opportunity to do so as well.  

I'll be flying into Charleston South Carolina, and driving up to Columbia to visit my good friend Sam. This trip isn't for networking, or photography, or a job, or anything like that. It's simply an adventure. We'll be hiking, driving, lazy river-ing, kayaking, and photos will be had, but most importantly, I'll be able to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a while. 

So heres to adventures. Ones that not only teach us more about ourselves but the ones that unite us. Stay tuned.