Live Music at the BSG

A few important things happened in the past few days.  

1.) I didn't die while driving an antique 1950's Dodge Pickup Truck a.k.a "The Metal Death Machine." 

2.) I got some valuable time in with the Grandparents. 

and 3.) The Buffalo Street Grill hosted two bands for an evening of drinks, free food and live music. 

Not typically open on Monday nights, The Buffalo Street Grill made a tiny set in the far corner for two bands with big sound. First was a band that, over the conversations of others, I believe to be called Moose Hut and the second one a two man show named after the frontman Justin Shuttleworth (this was his album debut click the link to check his work out). 

As waves of people crammed into the local bar and grill the music began to play and although I was essentially a sardine the entire night it was nice seeing some old friends and catching up.

So, cheers to The BSG, one of the best bar and grill restaurants in town.