The Sunken City Under Lake Murray

The final leg of my time in South Carolina has certainly been the most interesting. There was talk about George Orwell, Record-Size Catfish, Genies and their subsequent wish giving, but what hit me the most was the history of Lake Murray. 

Underneath the vast expanses of the green-blue water lie dormant the remains of an entire town. To make a long story short, the land was bought, flooded by a dam and is now a lake. Each resulting island is the tip of a rolling hill or cliff edge. I think that's crazy. When I wasn't thinking about giant catfish capsizing our fat canoe, I was thinking about all the buildings and bridges and roads and history that is now submerged, untouched, wet. 

Anyways, here are some photos. 

Note: 1.) We didn't sleep in the tent, we slept in the canoe. It was breezier. 

2.) People who boat around at 2am with heavy duty spot lights and harass people on their islands are jerks. 

3.) Cockroaches can, in fact, live on a deserted island. 



The Chaco Tan is coming in nicely.

The Chaco Tan is coming in nicely.