Silo City Rock Construction Preview

Today I was able to meet Jay Schwinger Founder/Owner of Buffalo Harbor Kayak and, as many of you may have heard, one of the masterminds behind Silo City Rocks, a World Class, World Record Breaking Climbing gym and Rappelling site. He was gracious enough to let me take some photos of their construction progress thus far and I have to admit that my hands started to sweat as he was talking about the entire final layout.

Mini-Climbing shop, multiple 100ft+ indoor routes, multiple bouldering caves both with jutting features and inclines, a seasonal ice climbing route, multiple 100ft+ outdoor routes, a kids climbing area, a chillout lobby, an outdoor deck for you and your pals and of course a World Record attempt 190ft outdoor route looking over the river. 

Mr. Schwinger is certainly a dreamer, but the only difference between what he's doing and what most of us fall victim to is that he's simply doing. I use "simply" very lightly but regardless of the magnitude of his, mine, your personal project it'll never become a reality unless you start somewhere.

Below are some "Before" photos. Stay tuned for a follow up and more updates as the construction progresses! Get pumped for the most intense indoor/outdoor "gym" in Western NY

The Outer Wall a.k.a World Record.


Indoor Pool. Do not swim

Down the row inside the Silos

Boulder Cave #1