"We All Have Dreams..."

"...but they don't mean much if we don't act on them" - Brendan Leonard

I remember when I was a kid owning an amazing red, one-gear, foam-protected-handlebar, off-brand kids bike. But that didn't matter to me because all I wanted to do was ride it around my house all day long in hopes that I'd get good enough to race it against other kids. For the first hour of riding in circles my parents thought it was cute, for the next 3-4 straight hours they thought I had developed a problem.

It's so easy to let yourself become inspired when you're young. All it took for me was a shiny rock and I wanted to be a geologist, a really good sandwich and I wanted to be a gourmet sandwich chef, or a bike. The possibilities are literally endless, and sometimes imaginary. But as we get older we lose connection with our inner kid whose list of dreams never became real.

I never was able to enter a real bike race because I wasn't able to. I didn't have the resources, I needed to ask permission to use the computer, and I hadn't memorized my home address. But now that I'm (we're) older there really isn't much of an excuse and if you have one now, you'll have one tomorrow (ad infinitum).

However, today is not one of those talk-about-doing-stuff-but-never-do days. Today I got to witness a friend of mine jump out of a plane, and for a few minutes enjoy the often elusive feeling of actually accomplishing something. So here's to you Rachel. Congrats on crossing Skydiving off your bucket list.

Never Stop Doing.