Chasing The Rabbit Down The Cabot Trail

It was amazing. All of it. Riding tight twisties up and down a mountain road, cool coastal winds too keep us in check, and surviving a motorcycle crash.

After taking so much from Nova Scotia it's incredibly humbling when it continues to give back. 

Stories of trapez-ing through massive sweeping mountain curves and leaning heavily into hairpin corners were shared enthusiastically as we sat around eating our seafood dinners. It seemed surreal to recall what we had just done. It was so perfect it seemed like a dream, however, we were given a severe dose of reality when we reached the middle of the trail. 

As we left a corner and reached a stop light Logan hit a wave in the pavement locking up his rear tire after a foot of air. The result was a rough high side landing. He limped to the side of the road where he laid a few feet away from his motorcycle. It must be the robust gene in the McClishs seeing as his only injuries were a sore knee and a dime-sized brush burn where his glove and jacket left a space. His motorcycle even kicked to life immediately afterwards, sustaining some minor dents.

So there we sat, eating our lobster and talking about where we were going to stay the night. It was, at least, on my mind how we could be at the hospital right now, how our bikes are still working after everything they've been through, and how Logan was able to do a night hike with us.

There are always risks, but the choice of risk over fear is certainly freeing. Perhaps not so much for our parents but we were fortunate enough to take only a story from today.