Beware: Animals

We actually made it to NY last night.

The day started regularly, making some last minute tunes to our bikes, checking oil, and strapping down gear. It honestly seems like an idiotic undertaking to make a 33 year old bike run like it did in the '80s. But there is a pride in attempting something outrageous. I think we all have the mindset  that we'll be ok if we don't make it to our final destination but the triumph is in not giving a shit and going anyways.

(*Breaking* Mr. McClish lost his RFID key for his Harley and is stranded.)

As we began to exit the garage Logan cruised around the yard to iron out some final issues. Their dog Nitro, appropriately named, dashed in front of his bike leading to a minor crash and the death of his new windshield. While no dogs were harmed yesterday there was an avian casualty. While cruising along the west most edge of Allegheny National Forest, we hit a large pot hole dislodging some of Chris' gear. As we all stopped to assess the damage Levi found a small bird wedged on top of his engine by his spark plugs.

(*Breaking* We found the RFID key and Mr. McClish is no longer stranded.)

The animals are out to get us. It's probably Chris' fault.

(*Breaking* Levi hit another bird en route to the mechanics. 4 of his spokes broke. Not because of the bird.)

Today, after spending some time at the mechanics we'll part ways with Mr. McClish and head east towards the coast. We'll stop and camp for the night and then head north towards friends in Maine.

Now it's raining. Probably Chris' Fault.